The Navy Tailhook Legacy Flight Foundation (NTLFF - pronounced “Nat-liff”) is a civilian non-profit organization and a funding source for the U.S. Navy Tailhook Legacy Flight Demonstration. The mission of the Foundation is to provide funding, resources and leadership to facilitate vintage naval tailhook aircraft and their crews flying formation demonstration flights with current active duty naval tailhook aircraft. These demonstrations are sanctioned by the Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNAF) and may be performed in conjunction with Chief of Navy Air Training (CNATRA) aircraft or Navy Tactical Demonstration (TACDEMO) Team aircraft.


Donations made to the Foundation will finance warbird aircraft flights to and from events and will also enable the warbird crews to train alongside the active duty aviators with whom they will be flying these demonstrations. Recent budget constraints have impacted the Navy’s ability to support this program.



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NTLFF will provide some of the necessary funding for warbird aircraft to participate in Tailhook Legacy training as well as demonstration flights at air shows across the country. Flying vintage aircraft is a resource-consuming endeavor, which requires considerable funding to enable aircraft to transit to/from air shows and other aerial events. Many vintage aircraft are maintained and operated by non-profit organizations or private individuals at significant cost to the sponsor(s). NTLFF will provide air show booking services, liaison services and cover the cost of flying warbird aircraft to/from events. The Foundation will also provide funds in support of annual formation flight training for warbird pilots to train with the active duty aircrew and aircraft they will fly with during the air show season.


In addition to supporting the Navy warbird community, NTLFF will promote the history of Naval Aviation and the rich traditions that have carried it through the years. NTLFF will provide access to information on the various events, aircrew, personnel and aircraft that are part of the rich tradition of Naval Aviation and will feature information about the aircraft and pilots who perform the Navy Tailhook Legacy Flight. 

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Your support, no matter the amount, will provide for Navy Tailhook Legacy Flights and help to keep the legacy of Navy Tailhook Aviation alive and sustainable.

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